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Welcome To Steve's Golf Tours. Let's Play


Up coming tour

Phuket, Thailand

Stay updated on our upcoming golf tours in Australia and Thailand. You can also customise your own tour - name your destination and we make it happen. 

 Golf Tours

Golf Equipment

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Everything you need is at your fingertips to make you look the part on the golf course.

Stylish golf  apparel and perfect fitting shoes

All your golf accessories.

Training Aids

Best priced Golf Club Travel Bags

Check out our ever-growing product range.​


St Michaels Golf Club, Randwick Golf & More

Corporate Golf Days

Are you looking for a great way to entertain your clients, staff and suppliers ? 

Let us organise a corporate golf day for your company.

It's a fantastic chance to combine business with leisure. You can also turn it into a charity day as well and raise funds for a charity foundation that you want to support.


Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner it doesn't really matter, you will be out in the fresh air enjoying a round on one of the many pristine golf courses in Sydney. We will co-ordinate it all: golf, club hire, drinks and a beautiful lunch.


We promise you it will be a day to remember. 

Send an enquiry with your preferred dates and we will make it happen. Let's Play

Emajin Online Golf Club

Emajin Golf is an online golf club that has opened up the world of golf, giving more people the opportunity to get involved in the sport and the freedom to play their game. 

That’s why our memberships give players the option to play where they want, when they want, and with their own crew! Armed with an official Golf Australia handicap and without the need to commit to a single location club, Emajin offers the freedom to golf on your own terms.  At the same time, our community allows transient players to be a part of a network of like mined golfers with exclusive access to business networking events, premium golf courses and competitions. 


Check out some of the amazing courses 

The Gallery shows off some of the amazing golf courses you can play on as well as the stylish accommodation on offer.  All the destinations are set in idealistic holiday locations with plenty of other entertainments options such as wineries, stunning beaches, dining options and plenty of other excursions available.   

My name is Stephen Cachia and I have to say I'm hooked on golf.  I've been on many golf tours and have played on some amazing golf courses in both Australia and Asia and I decided it was time to share some of my great experiences by setting up Steve's Golf Tours.

If you're hooked on golf or just starting to get the Golf Bug then join the rest of us out there in golf land and start exploring the amazing world of golf.

It's time to enjoy the fun and banter with your friends on and off the golf course and travel to some amazing locations. 

Become a member it's free with no obligation.



              Let's Play  

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