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Ten Best Golf Travel Bags for Your Clubs When You're on the Go

Recently, like millions of Australians, I was bitten again by the Golf bug. The abbreviation "WFH" was as common as the acronym WTF during the Covid-19 epidemic. I decided to play more golf and dust off the clubs and the shirts. Who didn't want to have something physical and fun to do during these trying times?

The resurgence of Golf Travel Bags during the pandemic will continue into 2023. According to the National Golf Foundation, the number of rounds played in the United States was 15 percent higher than the average for 2019. The number of participants in the course also increased to 25,6 million, a net increase of 500,000 from the previous year. In 2022, a record number of 3.3 million Americans played golf for the first time. There are many indoor golf simulators and golf entertainment venues in New York City for me to enjoy. But nothing compares to swinging on some of the best courses in states like Arizona, California, and Florida where golf is more of a lifestyle than just a weekend pastime. With the ease of flying, I have been eager to explore new places, and of course, with one of the best golf travel bags that money can buy.

On the one hand, I have a suitcase full of polos with playful patterns and on the other, my golf clubs are in a travel bag that protects my clubs. Now I am ready for my next adventure. The cost of golf sets and gear can range from $4 to $5 figures. Their safety while traveling is as important as ensuring you reach your destination intact.

My wanderlust is not unique. There are many options for protecting your clubs. It's no longer necessary to worry about your valuable possessions being damaged as they slide down the baggage conveyor belt or are piled in the corner for large luggage. We have selected the best golf travel luggage for your next trip.

The Best Golf Travel Bags are:

  1. Golf Aviation Bag Golf Bag with Wheels Large Capacity Store

  2. Golf Aviation Bag Empty Support with Waterproof Cue

  3. Golf Single-layer Travel Aviation Bag with Pulleys

  4. Golf Ball Collection - Hot Selling Golf Bag

  5. Rolling travel cover Ping

  6. Titleist Players Travel Cover

  7. Bag Boy T-660 Travel Cover

  8. Stitch Multiuse Traveler Bag (MUT)

  9. Club Glove Large Last Bag

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